by Expedite Group

Design Services

Detailed Design and Budgets

Corporate identity and branding are critical elements to every business and, in our experience, every business is different. Our design team will already have and understanding and possibly a detailed brief from you – again based upon your operational and occupational needs.

We quickly turn initial space plans into fully scoped 2D and 3D designs and draft Cost Sheets for budgetary purposes.

Furniture Selection

One of the fundamental considerations and one of the most significant costs when refreshing or creating a new office is furniture. It dictates everything from overall layout and space utilisation right the way through to the ergonomics of your environment. Furniture can be fun as well as practical and there is always an opportunity to use feature products to make a statement, liven up a particular area or provide different ways for staff and visitors to work and interact.

Fit-Out and IT Specifications

The draft Cost Sheet will have already outlined the project scope of works and it forms the basis of the specification for fitting-out. The specification can be used to obtain costs from preferred contractors or to tender out.

In each case it is important to understand exactly what is required and what is being quoted for. Making sure contractors provide like-for-like costings facilitates informed decision making rather than trying to unravel individual approaches to the requirements.

Permissions / Applications

Dependent upon the scope of works it may be that we need to apply for planning permission – to install a supplementary air conditioning condenser unit on the roof outside of the building for instance.

The majority of works will require landlord and local authority permissions – both needing to be notified and furnished with the requisite information. Expedite manage the whole process from notifications through to sign off and certification.

Contract Drawings

Our designers work closely with our Project Management team to produce pre-construction drawings and associated documentation including product specifications, schedules and scope of works – all required for the License to Alter.

These ‘working drawings’ form the basis of ‘as built’ drawings ultimately provided by the contractor and to be included in the Operating and Maintenance manuals (O&Ms).