by Expedite Group

Advise Services

Business Objectives Review

Understanding what our clients are looking to achieve from a business perspective is not only key to our relationship but invariably to the success of the project. Every decision and every step of the journey together needs to be made in context with your commercial aspirations. We can advise and assist in many ways and, through our extensive network of professional advisors and service providers, we’ll ensure you make the right connections that will add value and help you accomplish your goals.

Logistics Requirements Analysis

The necessity for an office or warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility are obviously prerequisites and our primary focus in terms of service provision. However, analysing all of your logistical and infrastructure requirements gives us a much clearer picture of how your business needs to operate and thus how commercial property needs to service these requirements.

Regional Property Review

With a clear indication of business and logistical requirements we can undertake a full analysis of commercial real estate options in the various regions of Belgium as well as regions in France, Germany, Holland and Luxembourg. It is likely that at this stage you will already have definitive reasons for selecting one particular jurisdiction and this will make this exercise relatively straight forward.

Acquisition and Occupancy Budgeting

Prior to engaging on a detailed property search we are generally asked to establish a high level budget for the acquisition and ongoing cost of ownership of the premises. This will capture all legal, statutory, capital and infrastructure costs associated to taking the building, fitting it out and an estimate of ongoing running costs, dilapidations rent reviews etc.

Turnkey Project Management

We hope from our initial interactions we will have established ourselves as your de facto project partners as there is inevitably a great deal to do and invariably a finite time to do it in. From evoking the search for premises to finally moving you in we take a holistic approach with a constant focus on the final outcome. Our core competence has evolved from the management of complex relocation programmes involving business critical IT and infrastructure including data centres, trading floors and DR sites.