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Occupation Requirements Schedule

Having listened carefully and establishing the operational criteria for your potential premises search we document this by producing a Client Occupancy Profile which serves as the reference point for all ongoing activities.

These occupancy requirements specifically define the facilities required from any prospective property – not just from a spatial perspective but also from a usability perspective.

Market /Area Research and Analysis

Most of our clients have a fairly clear idea of where they believe their business should be located and if not it is generally defined through our advisory consultations.

With the occupational requirements also clearly identified we are able to conduct detailed market and area research to produce conclusive information on market conditions and availability prior to undertaking a specific search.

Premises Search and Comparisons

The value of the Occupancy Profile and Market Research becomes clear once we commence a dedicated property search. It is critical to have set parameters to work within in order to filter out the properties that simply wouldn’t work for you.

The key here is to avoid wasting time looking at properties just because agents have them on their books. The comparative analysis produced is thus in context with the original criteria and not an evolving brief quite often influenced by agents’ stock lists.

Building Appraisals and Surveys

Once premises have been shortlisted and certainly if this is down to an individual building we strongly recommend undertaking basic due diligence on the mechanical and electrical services.

Particularly in multi-tenanted buildings, the services provided by landlords and paid for through the service charge are often out of occupier’s control. It is important to establish that the building is functioning properly through non-intrusive appraisals and surveys.

Lease and License to Alter Negotiations

Entering into lease negotiations unprepared can be a very costly affair and we encourage clients to carefully consider the acquisition strategy and tactics.

Notoriously intransigent, it is important to approach landlords with a definitive which is well-researched and with pre-set conditions. Equally having plans for required alterations ready for incorporation into the lease is critical – we need to ensure you hold your negotiating position until all licenses have been approved.